" The Zoological Survey of India, the only taxonomic organization in the country involved in the study of all kinds of animals from Protozoa to Mammalia, occurring in all possible habitats from deepest depth of the ocean to the peaks of Himalaya, was established on 1st July, 1916 to promote survey, exploration and research leading to the advancement in our knowledge of the various aspects of the exceptionally rich animal life "
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Monthly electronic news letter, featuring the highlights of activities of Zoological Survey of India, beginning from January, 2009

The Eminent Scientists in ZSI known for their expertise in various groups of Animal Taxonomy are engaged in exploring, naming, describing, classifying and documenting of animals from all over India.

India is one among the seventeen mega-diversity countries in the world. The country embraces more than 92,037 animal species (over 7.50% of world´s known species).