About us

High Altitude Regional Centre of Zoological Survey of India, Solan came into existence in September 1968, during the Fourth Five Year Plan to explore the faunal wealth of Western Himalaya.

Area under Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of the Centre is spread over the states of Jammu & Kashmir covering an area of 222236 km2 with 4 National Parks, 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 4 Ramsar sites, and Himachal Pradesh spreading over 55670 km2 having 2 National Parks, 33 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 3 Ramsar sites. 

Holdings (National Zoological Collection)

  • Total holdings: 1, 34,522
  • Identified: 23,071

Major Projects

  • Studies on the Fauna of India- Oligochaeta
  • Studies on the Fauna of Renuka Wetland
  • Studies on the Fauna of Sukhna Wetland
  • Studies on the Fauna of Harike wetland
  • Studies on the Fauna of Pong Dam wetland
  • Studies on the Fauna of Cold desert, Ladakh
  • Status survey of Endangered Species: Western Tragopan; Tibetan Wild Ass ‘Kiang’ and Himalayan Marmots.
  • Studies on the Fauna of Western Himalaya ( Himachal Pradesh )

Significant Achievements

  • High Altitude Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
  • Indo-Japanese Entomological Expedition to North-west Himalaya, Pindari glacier Expedition, Indo-Italian Faunistic Expedition.
  • Fauna of Shiwalik Hills (Punjab) funded by Punjab State
  • Fauna of Sukhna & its catchment areas including Chandigarh.
  • Fauna of Western Himalaya
  • The Leeches of India-A Handbook
  • Fauna of India, Megadrile Oligochaeta (Earthworm)
  • Status of Kiang in Eastern Ladakh, India.
  • Status and review of the Western Tragopan in India
  • Status of Himalayan Marmot in Eastern Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.
  • Fauna of Pin Valley National Park, Himachal Pradesh


More than 250 Research papers have been published in National and International Journals.


The regional museum of the field station displays 181 specimens pertaining to various groups of animals of the Himalayan region and serves a good source of knowledge for the local people.


The library of the station holds 2046 books and 25 journals are subscribed.

Expertise Available

Dr. A. K. Sidhu, Scientist-‘C’    Officer-in-Charge
Dr. Indu Sharma, Scientist-‘C’
Dr. Anil Kumar, Scientist-‘C’
Dr. R. Paliwal, Asstt. Zoologist

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