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Western Ghat Regional Centre at Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala state, was established in April, 1980, under the Sixth Five Year Plan of the Government of India.

Area under Jurisdiction

The Western Ghats having a geographic area of nearly 1, 40, 000 sq. km extends over a length of 1,600 km from Tapti river (Gujrat) in the north to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) in the south, almost parallel to the west coast of peninsular India. The Western Ghats, as a potential bio-geographic tract or territory, has gained the acclaim of one among the 34 globally identified biodiversity hot spots.

Holdings (National Zoological Collection)

  • Total holdings - 1,11,583
  • Identified - 18486

Major Projects

  • Behavioral study of non-human primates of Western Ghats
  • Extensive survey of the Ashtamudy Lake, a Ramsar site in Kerala
  • Fauna of Pteromalinae ( Pteromalinae : Chalcidoidea: Hymenoptera) of Indian Subcontinent.
  • Fish fauna of Kozhikode district
  • Faunal Resources of Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Chickmagalore district, Karnataka.
  • Survey and documentation of the fish fauna of the river systems of Kerala.
  • Systematic studies on Telenominae ( Scelionidae: Hymenoptera: Insecta) of southern Western Ghats.
  • Systematic studies on adult and larval stages of Odonata of southern Western Ghats.
  • Odonata fauna of Kerala state

Significant Achievements

  • hreatened Mammals of Kerala
  • Shorebirds of Kerala including Gulls and Terns
  • Pictorial Handbook on Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of Kerala
  • Handbook on Mammals of Kerala
  • Fishes of Kozhikode district
  • Mangroves and their faunal associates in Kerala
  • Faunal diversity of a laterite hill system at Madayipara, Kannur district, Kerala, India.
  • Pteromalinae (Pteromalidae: Chalcidoidea: Hymenoptera) of Indian subcontinent.
  • Studies on Prototrupoidea and Platygastroidea (Hymenoptera) of Kerala.
  • Fauna of Eravukulam National Park.


A total of 452 research papers were publishes in various national and international journals by the scientists of the station.


Natural History Museum in the station displaying representative fauna, pictorials and habitat cases and models for generating public awareness for protecting the natural resources of Western Ghats.


The library of the station has acquired 2492 books and 22 journals are subscribed.

Expertise Available

Shri C. Radhakrishnan, Scientist-‘F’    Officer-In-Charge
Dr. Rajmohana K. Scientist- ‘C’
Smt. K.G. Emiliayamma, Scientist-‘C’
Dr. P. M. Sureshan, Scientist-‘C’
Dr. (Md.) Zafer Palat, Asstt. Zoologist

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